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 ABR –Economic pillar




This pillar is a characteristic of the ABR program and has to do with opportunities to turn responsible cotton into a profitable business for growers.

Two factors are especially favorable:

  • Consumers prefer products that embed efforts to preserve the environment and ensure social justice. This trend is irreversible.

  • The power associations have to reach those niches. The ABR program follows along those lines.


Sustainable management

An assumption of the economic pillar is that participating growers will have means and access to information to optimize the process and the sustainable management of the production unit, with a focus on the financial return made possible by a growing responsible cotton market.

In this sense, good social and environmental practices provide gains that, by themselves, ensure prosperity to the business.

For example:

  • Legally correct work contracts reduces expenses with labor suits and indemnities; 

  • Care with health and safety reduces the number of days-away-from work;

  • Food and lodging increase satisfaction and motivation levels, which will reflect on higher productivity.


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