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ABRAPA - Associação Brasileira dos Produtores de Algodão

 Who we are

Abrapa - Brazilian Association of Cotton Producers - was created on April 7, 1999, with the purpose of guaranteeing and increasing the profitability of the sector through the union and organization of its agents and seeking strategic sustainability, acting politically, socially and economically with the public and private sectors, promoting the expansion and improvement of production.

Practicing results-based management, from the beginning, the Association made a commitment to make Brazilian cotton culture increasingly known and competitive, both on the national and international scene. In a continuous improvement work, four aspects have gained prominence over the years: quality, traceability, sustainability and marketing.

Legitimate representative of the sector, it is the voice that speaks for Brazilian cotton farmers, of all sizes, in Brazil and in the world. To better fulfill this role, it consists of 10 state associations: Abapa (Bahia); Acopar (Paraná); Agopa (Goiás); Amapa (Maranhão); Amipa (Minas Gerais); Ampa (Mato Grosso); Ampasul (Mato Grosso do Sul); Apipa (Piauí); Appa (São Paulo) and Apratins (Tocantins). Today, Abrapa represents 99% of the entire planted area, 99% of production and 100% of cotton exports in Brazil.

Abrapa is managed by the General Assembly of Representatives, elected each harvest, by the Board of Directors and the Fiscal Council, which work in biannual terms.

The Board of Directors has the support of working groups that develop strategic actions focusing on specific areas of interest to the producer and the cotton chain. The working groups are: Commercialization and Profitability, Technology, Marketing, Sustainability, Institutional Relations and Quality.

Brazilian Association of Cotton Producers - Abrapa
Setor de Indústrias Bernardo Sayão (SIBS)
Quadra 1, Conjunto B, Lote 2, Edifício Abrapa, 1º andar
CEP 71736-102 – Núcleo Bandeirante, Brasília-DF
Phone.: +55 61 3028 9700   Fax.: +55 61 3028 9706



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