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"This is a moment of double satisfaction: for the launch of this new web portal and for the announcement of the new Standard Brasil HVI Program. "   ​




Welcome everyone to Abrapa’s new portal.

We are fulfilling our commitment of bringing forward a version of our portal that has been customized to the international market. Redesigned to cater to the conveniences of our domestic and foreign commercial partners, it brings a wealth of information on Brazil’s robust cotton industry and features practical search tools, providing ready access to relevant business data.

The portal alone would be reason enough to celebrate, mas we have even more to cherish: along with state cotton associations and Brazilian HVI labs, and with the support of growers, cotton gins, and the entire production chain, we are launching the new Standard Brasil HVI Program (SBRHVI). The SBRHVI is our response to market demands for more access to information and for complete transparency when it comes to the classification data of Brazilian cotton.

The Standard Brasil HVI Program gathers all necessary conditions to improve the quality of our analysis and classification, with labs working as a network and following procedures and processes in line with the instrumental classification standard endorsed by both the Icac and the ITMF. It also relies on official regulations that comply with operating conditions of the Brazilian cotton industry.

In order to integrate the whole process and prioritize information, the SBRHVI program uses an operating system with a single, personalized platform that ensures not only safe data streaming from participating labs, but also access to the entire commercial chain through switches and links. The objective is to allow for consultations on classification data and for the generation of information to expedite commercial transactions involving cotton, including the formation, publication and download of bale lots.

On top of that, the SBRHVI program is integrated to the Abrapa Identification System (SAI), ensuring direct access to classification data of each physical bale through SAI’s bar code labeling system.

Along with the program, and as necessary complement, we are also opening the Brazilian Cotton Reference and Analysis Center (CBRA). The CBRA is a model lab and an information generation center. Its main function will be to conduct confirmatory tests on 1% of all samples analyzed by labs under the Standard Brasil HVI Program. This procedure is our way of increasing the reliability of the classification results and of offering the transparency level markets currently demand.

This is a moment of double satisfaction: for the launch of this new web portal and for the announcement of the new Standard Brasil HVI Program. We want to share these accomplishments and wish you all success in business.

So long,
The content of the “Quality” area is now also available.

João Carlos Jacobsen Rodrigues,

President of Abrapa,
Brazilian Cotton Growers Association.


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