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ABRAPA - Associação Brasileira dos Produtores de Algodão


A decisive step in the evolution pro-sustainability 

The Responsible Brazilian Cotton program (ABR) epitomizes the union of cotton growers in favor of a more sustainable cotton production in Brazil.

ABR proposes to:

  • Promote a progressive evolution towards good social, environmental, and economic practices, in order to build a positive image for Brazilian cotton and take up territory in the growing market for sustainable cotton.
  • Continuously improve the sustainable management of production units, as they raise their compliance levels vis-à-vis sustainability criteria and ABR criteria as well.
  • Disseminate among members the pillars of sustainability, aligning the industry with issues that guide the government, other organizations, and society in general.

Two principles guided the creation of ABR: continuity and evolution


The program reflects the continuous effort by Abrapa to promote sustainability in the Brazilian cotton industry, a job that started in 2009 with the launch of the Social-environmental Cotton Production Program (Psoal), which would later be replaced by the ABR program.


Growers should always evolve, without losing sight of what was accomplished. Just as the ABR unified the protocols of the Social Cotton Institute (IAS, in MatoGrosso) and of the Psoal, the benchmarking with the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) unified ABR and BCI protocols.



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